How to Buy a Copy



                   Cheque, cash, or lightning fast PAYPAL! (sent the same day)

UK + EUROPE ANYWHERE: Softback £40.00 incl. P&P;  

The States, Canada, Oz etc.: Softback £40.00+p&p ASK  

Or to buy SOFTBACKS through CROSS & COCKADE’s website

 Here are the links (you don’t have to be a member to buy here):

  If CCI show temporarily sold out – come to me please. I’ve got them all!

Click here to buy the SOFTBACK version  (PRICE £40.00 +p&p)

Both versions of  THE SKY THEIR BATTLEFIELD II both have totally identical content, namely 16,700  WW1 air personnel described across 416 A4 pages, with another 48 pages of photographs – including some 289 images.

The SOFTBACK VERSION  (£40.00 incl P&P)   [ISBN 978-0-9929771-1-5] is a really sturdy and robust card bound version (using high quality sewn bindings), to enable its price to be pinned back at £40.00 (and the postage weight reduced as well!).  Many of you will know this price is LESS than the original first edition of The Sky Their Battlefield cost in 1995!  

The HARDBACK VERSION  [ISBN 978-0-9929771-0-8] are all sold out, I’m sorry to say (June 2021). 

5 thoughts on “How to Buy a Copy

    • Hi Adam,

      Nice to hear from you, and thanks very much for your interest in my book, and for taking a look at my website.

      I am going to update the site somewhat this weekend, as I’ve received a couple of other queries along this line. Let me say, right now, that TSTB2 is very, very close to its publication date – a matter of weeks. I have the printer’s final proof sheets (all 454!) on my desk as I speak, and expect to ping them back to him before Monday. My understanding is that it will then take about a month for printing to be carried out, and then copies of TSTB2 will finally appear (no one’s waited longer than me!). So we are talking early October. They will then be available very shortly afterwards (as fast as I can arrange it!), either directly through the Cross and Cockade website, or else directly from myself. I am self-publishing this updated and expanded edition, in case you hadn’t spotted this. Been quite a journey.

      I hope this helps Adam. When I built my website a couple of months back I was already anticipating then that the sort of steps described above would take less time than they have… That’s book publishing, I guess.

      And let me finish by assuring you that you’ll find TSTB2 incredibly useful!! Please let me know what you think after you’ve got your copy. And contact me at any time if I can ever help.

      Best Regards,


      PS Spread the word!

    • Hi Paul,
      Many thanks for getting in touch, and it’s great to know you’re wanting to buy a copy. I can guarantee you’ll be able to buy a copy in a few days. How do I know this? Well around 1000 copies are being delivered to my nice arm (dry) shed in my back garden tomorrow afternoon!! Getting hold of a hardback will be no problem.
      In the short term it will be available either directly through me, or through the Cross and Cockade website (though this might take a week or so to get up and running). The final hurdle is to sort the various p&p rates – as we’ve been waiting for a book to physically put on a scales and do some calculations! We’ll know tomorrow. We’re definitely trying to keep this factor as low as possible.
      Does all that help? hope so.
      Contact me about anything else you want to ask – and I can help you get your copy.
      Best Regards,

  1. Trevor,
    Many thanks for your update, nice to know you will soon have your hands on the ‘goodies’.
    I am a long time member of C and C, but would be more than happy to purchase my copy direct from you (perhaps signed if possible?).

    when you have the details could you please advise the cost incl p and p and how you would want payment made?.

    I will be in Belgium from the 9th to the 13th of this month (at Ypres for the Remembrance Service) so my reply may be delayed a little.

    Looks like i might have my 1st Christmas present sorted!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best Regards

    Paul Bardell.

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