Reviews of TSTB2


The Sky Their Battlefield was originally published by Grub Street in 1995.  It soon assumed a very important place, across the world, in the study of that first air war, from 1914 to 1918.  Anyone researching the period had, in a single volume, thousands of airmen’s names, all set in context and in day-to-day detail, as well as a comprehensive history of the Great War in the Air. It soon acquired a reputation for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

The new edition only adds more and more detail, and wider and wider scope to this key reference work.

Several links to full published reviews of my new work are given on the Welcome Page here.  These include this review from the Over The Front journal in the United States, describing its impressions of The Sky Their Battlefield II:

“TSTB2 sets a high standard for military aviation history reference books. It ranks with H.A. Jones’ classic War in the Air volumes as a resource and is indispensable for future writing about British and related American air operations in World War I.

TSTB2 contains so much new material that readers are urged to visit the website for more particulars than can be noted in this review. Finally, for anyone seeking one volume to gain a profusely illustrated, broad, accessible, and detailed view of Great War air operations, Trevor Henshaw’s The Sky Their Battlefield II magnum opus is the one to read and to keep.

Henshaw’s book is without peer and has earned the highest recommendation.”


And here are some of the reviews the original edition of 1995 garnered:


“Heralded as a milestone is a book which more than justifies the description. This is a truly remarkable record of the war in the air, monumental both in terms of the scope and the depth of the research; it is a work the scale and depth of which is seldom seen. In its 578 tightly packed pages the entire organisation of the work is splendid… a work of major importance… the book also contains a very wide selection of relevant photographs. It represents research of the highest order and is excellent value for money.”

The Military Historical Society, Feb.1996

“Photographs are, in many cases, published for the first time, and this work is the result of prodigious research producing an important WW1 reference”

Wingspan Feb.1996

The subtitle of this hefty study reads ‘Air Fighting and the Complete List of Allied Air Casualties from Enemy Action in the First War – British, Commonwealth and United States Air Services 1914-1918.’ Quite a claim – quite a book. This is a monumental work and one can only admire the diligence and perseverance of the author to gather the data and then collate it into a readable form… this may be one of the most useful reference books on the subject to appear for years. There are also over 150 photos – carefully selected so that many will be new to most enthusiasts.”

Windsock Jan.1996

“The text is clearly directed at specialist air historians and enthusiasts, but all students of war will be interested… a painstaking compilation… its illustrations are a bonus.”

War Studies Journal 1996

“The depth of research … is awesome and represents excellent value for money.”

Cross and Cockade Journal 1996

“The definitive book if you want to know more about RNAS, RFC and RAF operations during WW1.”

The Belgian Aviation History Association 1997


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