New Sources


The New Sources include:

• Over 200 new AIR1 files and 300 American Gorrell Archive files consulted and searched for new information about personnel, aircraft and events.

• Information from almost 1,500 British and American official Repatriated Prisoner Statements incorporated.

• 4,000 squadron level Medal Recommendation files sifted.

• Extensive new information recorded from RNAS Communiqués unearthed at the Imperial War Museum, London.

• Accidents-related material extracted from a further 3,000 RFC/RAF Casualty Reports transcribed by the author.

• 19 more years of looking at every German victory claim, looking at each again, listening, talking to others, identity-checking, map-checking, time-checking, thinking, adding, removing, or updating, to yield 1,250 more possible links!

Wider information about the New Content of TSTB2 is here 

Laid out below are some of the New Sources which inspired the new edition.







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