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Below, is a selection of some two-page spreads from my digital writer’s copy of TSTB2, showing the new layout, and the amount of new material, which I’ve kept in red for reference. In your published copy all new or expanded entries are denoted by either a delta symbol, or a solid triangle. This will help researchers spot and use what is new.

The first four pages come from the Western Front section: pp 115 -116, and 147-148.

115-116 th owns!

147-148 th owns!

Then a couple of pages from the United States Air Service section: pp. 249-250.  Some of these other parts are also very heavily re-written and expanded.

249-250 US th owns!

Finally, a couple of pages from Part X, The Main Name Index, where 11,850 names and details are provided. There are a total of 16,700 names indexed in all parts of this book.  This pair of pages shows the scale of the new material in TSTB2 well.

334 341 Index th owns!


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